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Newbie here!

Hi guys!  Long time lurker, first time poster here.  You can call me Scribbits or Scrib or whatever, it's all good.  Anyway, I wanted to ask a few questions because I am a HUGE time noob to Pokemon collection, BUT FIRST HERE HAVE THIS INTRO.  I've loved the series of games since they were first released in America and I used to watch the show religiously when I was younger.  I sort of collected stuff from the series, but it was more of a GIT ERRYTHANG POKEMANS RELATED than any sort of dedicated collection, and most of that collection (aside the bajillion cards that I still have and REFUSE to give up) was tossed out a few years back.  Besides, at the time, I was hella discouraged from starting a legit collection because there was pretty much nothing for Scyther merchandise and he was the only Pokemon that I wanted stuff of.

So despite my borderline obsession for the series, I was never inspired to collect anything until Gen 5, when I laid eyes on Shikijika.  I have a raging love of all things cute and vintage, and Shikijika reminds me of a something straight out of the 60s-70s and looks all kitschy, and no lie, all four colors of Shikijika are my absolute favorite colors and the scheme that I decorate with.  CRAY-ZAY.  

ANYWAY, here's what I'm wondering: With the Shikijika merchandise ( the 4 plushes) that are coming out soon, I'm a tad bit overwhelmed.  I can't necessarily afford them all right now, but to anyone that has experience collecting, could you please tell me if there's some sort of average time frame between when a piece of merch is released (in this case, a Pokemon Center plush) and when it is "retired" or discontinued, or just plain old becomes hella scarce?  I'd like to have a deadline as to when I should nab the babeh deers before they disappear and I'm torn between rent money/living expenses or paying out the butt for them on eBay/the Y!J auctions.  Thank you in advance!

AND FINALLY, to make this post less derpy and more interesting, I made this thing.  It's a paper cutting (I am super dorky and do these like, a lot) and it's cute I guess.

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