Tijuzu (tijuzu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick photo story and meme

Hello, Everyone!

koujakai and myself went to a local arcade/family fun center that has dozens of arcade games, bowling etc..etc. Some of the games give away tickets or points towards crappy little prizes. We decided to go in and use our points anyway (maybe they would have good candy or something)only to find DOZENS of pokemon toys and plushies! koujakai spotted a sky forme shaymin plush among a bunch of happinys, chatots, and pikachus, and as she was about to trade in her points for it, from across the room she shouted "Look, an omanyte!". They had the Jakks omanyte figure as a prize, hidden away towards the bottom of the wall by some Bakugan stuff. I collect that cute little buggar so I got super excited. I snatched it up, and right as I did, behind it to my surprise....A Jakks kabuto figure as well! We took our newfound prizes up to the counter only to be shocked a third time by a hard to find sneasel throw-ball plushie. Unfortunately, after pooling our points together, we couldnt get him =/.

The Shaymin matches koujakai! xD
All and all a great trip to the arcade. Lots of fun had a great time and found some really nice pokemon rather unexpectedly.

Now for a meme:
Have you found any of your pokemon collection in local arcades?
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