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I am so excited..My long awaited items are here! I can't sit still! This looked better before I posted it ='(
First, lemme show you what arrived from that_zorua  today:

Mystery Dungeon Pikachu thingy!!! HECK YEAH! He is making that face because he has a stick jammed up his OH LOOK MORE STUFF!

This was a surprise. Not like surprise you are pregnant, but more like oh, that's cute! Glad I ordered the set!

It is a Pikachu Vase. Comes with the little stick that tells you what it is and dirt and seeds! I have special Japanese dirt....jealous???
Oh yes you are!

Some adorable Mew goodness!

Look at those wittle paws!!! Awww he is so cute! I have an extra set coming, so Mew and Evee will be up for sale soon along with the rest of the set! You want one!

My oh, so pink it hurts my eyes, MEW. I love the big ol' feet. I can relate to this Mew. We can go shoe shopping together <3


Raichu finally arrived! I love it so. So soft and big and soft and cute and big and soft and squishy and adorable and @___@

Fuzzybutt is helping me set up my sales! Awe thanks Fuzzybutt :3
He needs a Mohawk....


Couldn't resist. Needed this in my life. I don't even collect Dragonite...WHAT AM I DOING!!!

More stuff here too!

I don't remember if I showed you these, so here they are again! Cynda and Glameow! Say hi guys!
The moose...it does nothing

More xmas ornaments!

I couldn't resist. Had to keep 'em. They will be for sale soon. Second set should be here any day now *taps foot*
These complete me and make me want to be a better person.

Some of the gang. Not all. I hoard my collections in different clumpy piles! Hooray!
There are imposters in there!
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