That Eric Thing (poizenkat) wrote in pkmncollectors,
That Eric Thing

fine so im willing to trade + anyone in ny wanna stop by?

OKIE so i decided that some things in my sales post has to go lol so if anyone wants to TRADE <33 im willing to trade for zoroark and some 5th gen plushies XD there are all the things im selling. but if any other kind of pokedoll or something else they may sell in nyc is wanted just ask as im going back to NWS on monday.

and this is a bit off topic but im having a party in manhattan XD so im gonna wear my fursuit, if anyone wants to come dressed in cosplays or fursuits you're welcome XD im bringing chips and chocolates and it would be nice meeting people from the community XD ill probably be taking my sketchpad and drawing free gifts for people (i get generous on my or i can even deliver stuff bought from my sales ^^ if this isnt allowed just tell me and ill take it down DX

plus im gonna start sculpting again <3 its been SOO long! what kinds of clays should i get, and does anyone know where i can get them?
and request pokemon for me to sculpt as well XD since i may put some for auction.
Tags: custom, sales, zoroark
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