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Sorry to post twice in one day. My collection and the sales would have been too overwhelming for one post. If I am wrong please let me know and I will take this down!
I finished putting my sales together...and now please take it away!
There is so much stuff @_@ Surfing Pikachu's and Japanese dirt!

Feedback here please!

Shipping: All items are priced without shipping. You will be charged for shipping, paypal fees and packaging. I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please buy insurance if you are concerned. I have never had a problem but you never know! I ship daily! I also ship from the USA

Payments: I prefer paypal but I'll also accept concealed cash (at your OWN risk) as well as checks and money orders.
Checks must clear before your item ships. That may add onto your shipping time.

Any questions please ask. I can combine shipping, get more pics, tell you the condition of an item, etc.
No trades at this time please. Sales permission from Lineaalba

The plush smell like smoke (yucky!) But it will air out!!!!
Chansey reverse doll-$4
Koffing reverse doll-$4
Oddish bell plush-$5
Jigglypuff keychain bell-$4
Ledyba keychain-$4
Pikachu Stamper-$3
Poliwhirl Stamper-$3
Marowak stamper-$3 on hold for Sentret_draws
Persian stamper-$3
Pidgeotto stamper-$3
Pikachu clip-$2

Pokemon Christmas Ornaments:
Eevee-$15 ON HOLD for lesablefox

All new WITH tags:
Chikorita x2-$14
Big Zorua-$40 OBO
Celebii head (purse with card holder on back!)-$8

Yellow purse-$10
Small container (shows wear)-$5
Big container (shows wear)-$7

Palkia zip pillow-$20 (reversible and zips into a square)


Pikachu Clip-$2
Psyduck clip-$2
Eevee Clip-$3

Butterfree Tomy-$1
Pichu pencil topper-$1
Pokemon 3 flip token-$0.50
Eevee by J. Franco and Sons-$4
Blastoise pencil topper-$1

NEW Various Pokemon bag-$13
The shine is from the plastic. The bag is not scratched. 10 Pokemon on this bag.

Glaceon Kid-$10
Flareon Kid-$10
Leafeon Kid-$9
Umbreon Kid-$10


Spring Charmander (comes with Pokeball)-$5
Squishy Pichu with ball x3-$4

Comes with description stick, seeds, dirt and cup! Pokeball on back

Kakuna Keychain new with tag (big)-$4 ON HOLD for Sentret_draws
RARE/MINT Mewtwo-heavy, big, buildable model thick rubber, not plastic (comes with insert)- $9

These are all HUGE!!! And all thick rubber. Not plastic
Pikachu Keychain (supposed to talk but doesn't)-$5 ON HOLD for Sentret_draws
Meowth grabby thing-$7
Pikachu grabby thing-$7
RARE/MINT Surfing Pikachu buildable model (comes with insert and is very big and heavy)-$20

Jigglypuff thingy-$1
Pikachu Stamper-$3
Pidgey metal keychain-$4
Pikachu window suction in case-$2
Pikachu/pokeball keychain-$3
Big Pika keychain-$4 ON HOLD for Sentret_draws

Celebi figure-$12 (from Pikachu the movie)
Celebi keychain-$6

Cyndaquil plush-$8

Starley Jakks (poseable)-$2
Electrive Jakks (poseable)-$3
Chimchar Jakks (poseable)-$2

Gyarados/Magikarp keychain-$5
Zapdos Keychain-$4
Wooden Meowth Keychain-$3
Wooden Mew keychain-$3
Seaking keychain-$4
Wooden Togepi keychain-$3

Wigglytuff Stamper (works)-$3
Blastoise(has tiny hole in head and scuff on claw)-$1
Golbat FCS x2 (no stand)-$0.50
Clefable FCS (no stand)-$0.50
Mew FCS-$1
Arbok FCS-$2
Mewtwo FCS (missing something from hand)-$1

Pikachu's Winter Vacation VHS- $3 (2 exclusive holiday episodes)
Pikachu's Winter Vacation 2 VHS -$4 (2 exclusive holiday episodes)

Turtwig clipping figure-$5
Pikachu Keychain-$4
Electrabuzz-$3 ON HOLD for Sentret_draws
Pikachu/Ledyba charm-$5
Azumarril-$4 (rare)
Chimchar (paint flaw on head) clipping figure-$3

Venusaur Tomy-$2
Bulbasaur Tomy-$2
Meowth Tomy-$1
Sandshrew Tomy-$1

Raichu Tomy (dent in belly) -$1
Squirtle Tomy-$1

Some have numbers or images on bottom:
Golbat FCS-$2
Sandslash FCS-$2
Clefable FCS-$2
Lickitung FCS-$3
Marril FCS-$2

Some have numbers on bottom:
Dugtrio FCS-$2
Diglett FCS-$2

Bulbasaur FCS-$2
Venonat FCS-$1
Omastar FCS-$2
Snorlax FCS-$3
Sandslash FCS-$2
Meowth FCS-$2
Seel FCS-$2

Some have numbers or images on bottom:
Granbull FCS-$2
Venosaur FCS-$2
Bellossom x2 FCS-$2
Weezing FCS-$2
Koffing FCS-$2
Tangela FCS-$2
Staryu FCS brown base-$3 (back spins!)
Staryu FCS blue base-$2
Golduck FCS-$2

Some have numbers on bottom:
Charizard FCS-$3
Blastoise FCS-$3
Poliwhirl FCS-$2
Poliwrath FCS-$2
Abra FCS-$2
Koffing FCS-$2
Muk FCS-$2
Golbat FCS-$2
Porygon FCS-$2
Pinsur FCS-$2
Venosaur FCS-$2

Chansey keychain-$3
Hitmonlee keychain-$2 ON HOLD for Sentret_draws
Clefable keychain-$3

Mankey keychain (scuff on hand)-$1
weird paint Lapras keychain-$1 (not a bootleg)
Jigglypuff keychain-$2
Clefairy keychain-$2

Wobbuffet Tomy-$2
Nidoking tomy?-$2
Kadabra tomy?-$2
Mew tomy-$1
Moltres bank-$4 (small scuff on beak)

All $0.25 except / Grimer and Drifloom SOLD
Magcargo-$2 Reverse Holo
Scizor-$4 Holo

Pokemon Origami:
Piplup (2)
$3 for the whole thing

Pokemon Poster #1-$3
Double sided. Very big! This is only 1/4 of it.

Pokemon Poster #2-$5
Categorizes Pokemon by type
Double sided (find game on back)
Very big! This is only 1/4 of it

New Pokemon bag-$1 or free with $25 or more purchase. Just ask!

Turtwig Bag-$1 or free with $25 or more purchase. Just ask!
I have Pikachu bags for free. If you want one just ask!

Dirty or missing pieces-$0.25 for dirty. (some can be cleaned)
Missing pieces free with purchase. (may raise shipping)

Make an offer. They make me >=(

Bootlegs?? I am not sure. Celebi and Lugia have tush tags.
Celebi-$12 (banpresto tush tag)
Tags: ampharos, eevee, glaceon, palkia, pikachu, zoroark, zorua
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