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Stickers for offer! Sales update! Group buy shipped! Exclamation marks!

Hey guys! I just ordered a PS3, which I'm really excited about, but it means that I need (1) more room and (2) more games, so I've updated my sales again :D

Firstly, there's a bunch of stickers up for offer

My standard sales rules apply for these (see this post). Shipping is $1 in Australia and $2.50 anywhere else.

Just make offers on individual stickers in the comments :)

(balls not for sale)
Sold: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (Lucas/Dawn/Barry)

Sold: Rampardos amada, all tiny!Skymin, Christmas Skymin, heart Skymin, round Skymin. Hold: Skymin amada

And over at my sales post, there's some new things and lots of stuff in sets/lots now. (Almost) everything has been rephotographed.

head on over to sHoppip!

Also, for those of you who were involved in the stampies group buy, they're on their way to whitecygnet now and she'll make a post with shipping totals when she gets them! :)
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