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I felt like getting creative, so heres a little photostory for you!

I was about to step in the bathroom when I heard the pitter-patter of tiny little feet. I froze and slowly turned on the light. Something yellow and silver-dollar sized bolted across the bathroom floor. My hair began to stand on end, and not just because of my fright...

The little yellow creature ran to the side of my sink, and began to quiver, cowering in the shadows. I was scared at first, but slowly approached the creature to get a better look.

I extended my hand and began to motion for it to come out, telling it softly I meant no harm. It quivered and started backing away. I felt the little hairs on my fingers and arms begin to stand, like strong static was charging the air.

The static subsided as the little creature slowly crept out from its hiding place. As I got a better look at it, my heart began to melt. It seemed to resemble a large,adorable baby jumping spider. It quivered at first, as if it scared, but soon began to relax. It scanned the room with its bright, round blue eyes. I stood and began to pet its fury, strange hair. Static tingled and snapped at my finger tips, and the spiderlet closed its eyes in content.

"Hello, little spider!" I said. "Where did you come from?"
"...H...hewwo." It squeaked. I stared at it, flabbergasted. It could talk?! As I gaped stupidly at it, it turned and sprung from my hand before I had time to react and landed on my newly-bought soap bars.
"S-soap? Waz soap?" It asked with its endearing little voice.
"You...you can read and talk...?" I murmured, still stunned.
"Yus." It replied, then began to chew at the wrapping of the soap bars.

Before I had time to blink, the little spider leaped onto the opposite sink and began to scuttle around, occasionally chewing on things and clicking its little fangs together. I watched in amazement. After I got over my initial shock, I approached the sink and the spider stopped and stared up at me with its four shiny orbs. We stared at each other for quite a while until I built up the nerve to speak.
"U-uh, erm...what are you?" I asked shakily.
"I'm a Bachuru!" It chirped. "I'm an electric spider!"
"Er..how can you talk?"
"I just can."

"I've never meant an electric, talking spider before."
A small spark flew from its tail spikes and hit me in the arm.
"WHA!" I jumped back. "How did you...?! Watch what your doing!"
It giggled. "Heh, don't worry, I didn't try to hurt you! Its my way of greeting."
I rubbed my arm, then slowly began to smile. "Its nice to meet you too, little Bachuru."

Everyone, I would like you to meet Bachuru, the cutest little electric-spidey you will ever see!
I wanted to keep him, but sadly had to explain to him that my parents would kill me if they found out I had a baby tarantula in my room, so I offered to send him to someone else who would take great care of him (TUS!). I warned him he would have to make a long journey, but he gladly accepted and can't wait to meet her!
I noticed one of his spikes was missing, and he went to explain that he had had an accident a few days ago where the spike had came off. It has healed very nicely, you don't even notice!

Hope you enjoyed it! lol
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