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The Jakks.

I don't do so much collection updates. I don't collect any specific mon except Vulpix, and even then, I'm still very picky about what I buy. I mostly collect plush, and most of said plush are at my desk at my job, so I don't have a lot of pics. I recently went to the mall kiosk to get the Runners, the Rainbow Phoenix, and the SeaRider last Monday, and will be going to get two of the big ones for a friend.)

Anyways, to the point. I went to my local Target today and found five of the six Jakks. I guess someone bought Teddiursa. It happens.

All the Monz~
Here they are. If people would like clearer pics, please ask.

Also, this is a request to buy, if that's cool. See, I do want Teddiursa. I just want one at a fair price, and have not found one. I paid 5.99 for each of the five. With my high tax rate in WA State, this was about 6.50 for each. Let's round up to 7, and then toss in shipping and handling. So I am willing to pay about twelve dollars, including shipping, for Teddiursa to complete the set. If you would like to offer me one, that would be peachy. I can use Paypal to pay you.

Thanks in advance if you offer one!

Tags: celebi, cherrim, jirachi, phione, plush, togekiss
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