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Shiny Merchandise for Sale! (:( for me, :D for you)

My TCG grail recently popped up, and I have been debating whether to sell this piece of my collection, but this collection was an accidental collection, so it will be the one to go. :I But I have been seeking my grail for quite a while now, so meh.

Here is a preview!

First and foremost, this Shiny Suicune is the lottery prize from the Pokécen this year for those who do not know! :) There were only a few hundred made, and this one is in mint condition with all tags. I will start offers out at $149, and they will go on until I see something I like. :D

Sticker Sheet: $3.50 OBO
Charms: $15/Charm OR $40 for the whole set, NOTE ON CHARMS: If you want a single charm, that is fine, however, in order to make sure that somebody does not want the full set, a 3 hour period will go by, and if no offers on the full set have been made, the charm is your's!
Suicune and Raikou Sold! Entei on Hold!

Next is my SHINY KIDS! They are Dustox and Sceptile.
Sceptile: $30 OBO, I will haggle, so let me know! ON HOLD
Dustox: $20 OBO, I WILL HAGGLE!

Please let me know if you would like any of this stuff with your ZIP code! I appreciate it, thanks! (Please place offers for Suicune in the designated thread).
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