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TheUnknownsSoul - November Sales Post

~I only accept Paypal!

~I will ship to anywhere.

~The price shown does NOT include shipping and handling fees. I pack the boxes as LIGHTLY as I can though to make it lower for ya'll.

~I will combine shipping

~I may accept a couple trades, just ask (:

~Come from a pet friendly home

~Sculptures are made with original sculpey and painted with Acrylics then glossed/glazed with Mod Podge

~I have metallic paints I enjoy using, if you want me to use metallics  on your sculpture, please specify

~You can be as detailed on your request (expression, pose, special colors) or as vague (Surprise me!) as you please.

~Sales permission received by on 11/20/2010 by denkimouse 

~Feedback here - http://theunknownsoul.livejournal.com/979556.html

~Any questions please ask!

Let's get to it!

Keychain charms! These lovelies are very cheap, only $3 to $5 (And no higher!) depending on your request. I can and will do any Pokemon you like, just understand if it's a more detailed one (such as many legendaries) I will have to simplify it a bit.
I can also do TRAINERS/GYMLEADERS/WHATPEOPLE charms for $5 in this style - http://tus.alekwasframed.com/0Pictures/0collect/Sales/humanex.jpg

3 inch sculptures (they would be the height or length of the Wartortle pictured) Again I can and will do any Pokemon. The price for these starts as low as $7 and will not exceed $15

TOWERS. Have a favorite evolutionary line OR just a few favorite Pokemon you'd like to see together? I'll be glad to make it! I will make a little as two on each other, no more than four. It does NOT have to be a evolutionary line. If you want a Machoke riding a Rapidash by all means ask away.
Pricing depends on what you want but as an example - The Pikachu tower would be $19 ($8 for Raichu, $6 for Pikachu, and $5 for Pichu)
And the Persian tower would be $15 ($8 for Persian and $7 for Meowth)

Not putting a cap on slots for now except on towers. I will only be taking TWO tower slots this time.

If you want more examples or to see more images I have a DA Gallery here - http://theunknownsoul.deviantart.com/gallery/26711175

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