Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

I'm looking at this big lot of mini figures... Would anyone want to do a group buy?
I claim Tracey and Officer Jenny, possibly the Starmie too.

It would be $3.75 per figure plus shipping.
Let me know if any of you are interested... otherwise I can't justify the $75 price tag for just two figures.

EDIT: Group buy is under way! I just bought the lot. Comment to claim any remaining figures! You will be expected to pay as soon as I get the figurines or beforehand, if you wish. Will combine shipping on multiple figures.

Grrrowly: Tracey, Officer Jenny, Starmie
LineaAlba: (possibly) Joy and Vulpix
Chatsy: 2 Ashes
Wendy: Peace Sign Misty and Jesse
Wolven: Oak and James
Obakehoshi: Meowth
Eifia: Open Arms Misty
Pikaplex: Venonat and Spinarak

EDIT: Also, are there any Germans here that can help me buy this?
They do ship worldwide, but they only accept bank transfer as payment, and in the USA, bank transfer is not safe at all. :( And I can't negotiate with them because they speak German.
If nothing else, at least I have a picture of the sticker so I can find it later :)

Meh, nevermind, I just bought that $75 set of figures above. xD I'll find this laaaaater.
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