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I have a collection update~ Lots of fire starters and other random things. ♥

Fiiiirst, I got my first Japanese pokedoll!

Mismagius! *A* She's so cuuute~ And insanely soft! She makes me never want a non-Japanese pokedoll again. Isn't the material they use called minky? I wish they'd use it on the English releases too!

Giant Chikorita! :D Little Chiko isn't so lonely anymore~ And next to them is the kiosk Eevee. ♥ I wish she was as soft as Mismagius, but she's still adorable!

Plusle and Minun I won in a GA a while back~ They're adorable, but dirty. :c

KFC DRATINI! *w* An early birthday present from my girlfriend~ We got it for super cheap on ebay. I had one years ago when they were giving them out at KFC, but it got lost over the years. I love Dratini and this one is so cute, I'm really happy to have it again. I can't decide if I should take off the tag or leave it. xD;

Skitties! I got the little friends plush for like a dollar since her tail is missing some..whatever in the world Skitty has on its tail. She doesn't stand up well on her own at all, but fits nicely on bigger Skitty's head!

Now for my somewhat accidental fire start collection~ First, I got some new Quils, including this guy:

Who is soooo cuuuute and soft! I have no idea what brand he is, but I love him. :3 The fuzzy flames are great!

My Cyndaquil collection so far~ I'm waiting on a talking plush to come in the mail, too. I didn't really mean to end up with so many Quils, but I'm not complaining♥

Annnd Torchics:

Then there's....

POKABU! ♥ Also a gift from my girlfriend. His name is Porkbun, and he's soooo soft and cute! He'll most likely get some other piggies to bro with in the future~

Poor Porkbun is alone in the middle. ;w;

ALMOST DONE, I PROMISE~ I got my first zukan, too:

*__* I loooove it! I mainly got it for Typhlosion because he looks so darn awesome! I was lucky to get it for cheap with discounts in that huge zukan GA a while ago.

And finally, I got some new kids:

Mismagius and Drifloon. :3 So cute~

Also, nanoplasm, I replied to your comment earlier about the talking plushies, I just wanted to make sure you saw it since you missed my other comment yesterday..and now there's a bit of an issue. :(
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