gabtizzle (gabtizzle) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA is finally in!

it finally made it in!
turns out the mail box was broken but the mail lady didn't know so she kept stuffing packages in there lol

(my dsi did NOT want to connect to the internet so this pic will have to do...)


technicolorcage's mewtwo kid: a bit yellowed with a few paint marks but overall good condition (does have a hard time standing up)

trynyti's pokedex: as promised, works fine and has batteries! very small paint marks on the back but it is in great condition (has gen 1's 150 pokemon, but mew wouldn't show up...)

olesvenson's professor oak kid: few paint rubs and a bit dirty but it's in good condition

dooman58's scyther kid: few paint rubs but also in good condition

happy_cupcake's clefable kid: few paint rubs but good condition, officer jenny kid: few paint rubs and a bit dirty (this is getting tiring) but good condition

origamigryphon's garudamon figure: missing his tail and is a bit dusty but it's a really cool figure!

jeansama's garurumon kid: perfect condition, greymon kid: few paint rubs but good condition, taichi figure: few paint rubs but AGAIN good condition, yamato figure: VERY small paint rubs but...yeah, agumon figure: few paint rubs and a bit dirty, koushirou figure: perfect condition, ikkakumon figure: bit dirty and kinda yellowed

shindkrow's weregarurumon figure: missing the feather/spikes on his back but is in good condition

meijiatron's biyomon kid: few paint rubs, exeggutor kid: few paint rubs, gabumon figure: few paint rubs


technicolorcage: $3

trynyti: $3 oh and by the way, paypal didn't give me your address so you might want to PM it to me

olesvenson: $3


happy_cupcake: $3

origamigryphon: $3

jeansama: $6

shindkrow: $3

meijiatron: $3

send payment to:

please include your name and what you bought please!

like my last GA, i will be sending PMs after 2 days of this notice if payment has not yet been sent.

and also, i will be leaving for thanksgiving break so if i get all payments in by next tuesday i will have everything shipped by wednesday. but if not, i will ship everything after the break.

i'm trying to ship everything out together, but if some people take to long to have the payments in, i will ship regardless.

besides that, i'd like to thank everybody for having their payments on time last time! it took 1 day after the original thread! that must be a new record lol

that's it for now!
please ask any questions of you have them! =D
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