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Small Collection Update & Sales

 So I finally managed to accumulate more stuff! :D  Come see!

Squishy PikaDitto of awesome! :O  He's my first purchase from Y!J and amazingly soft and squarshy.

Swampert pokedoll!  He's so much cuter than I thought he would be!

Stackable Lotads! :D

Newer Salamence UFO.  He's got such a stubby little tail. xD

Smaller keychain plush! :)

Meet Stubs!  He came to me with an arm missing.  I have to fashion him a peg-leg of sorts.

And finally...  Revamped collection photos!

I completely redid the setup of my figures and plush.  I love how the figure arrangement turned out, but I'm not so sure if I like the plush pile or not.  It seems kind of haphazard to me.  FRIGGIDY FRAK, THIS WHOLE THING'S COMIN' DOWN!  Seriously, plush are stacked like five high, it's redonkulous.  

Small Sales

I only ship to U.S. addresses.

I will consider trades for Mudkip merch not seen in my collection above! :D

Hasbro Mudkip beanie, no tags - $4                                              
Mudkip clear kid - $3

Both are in awesome condition.  The only reason I'm selling is because I have doubles. :)
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