meijiatron (meijiatron) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Apology, and Collection Update!

So I haven't been very timely with my payments lately, because there has been a lot going on and my "financial provider" (ie. Boyfriend) was out of town. I think they were all shipping payments, but I apologize if it really inconvenienced anyone. (If I missed any payments please let me know, I think I got them all though!) Boyfriend was at an interview with Microsoft in Seattle, and after weeks of nervousness and getting prepared, he got the job! He intentionally asked for a late return flight, so he'd have time on Saturday to travel to the Alderwood mall and pick up some souvenirs.


He bought almost one of everything! I think the only plush he left behind was the giant Pikachu, and that was after a lot of thought. I think it's his way of celebrating his new job, and that we're moving to Seattle next summer. =) The doubles are souvenirs for our friends, though one of the Ho-ohs may end up for sale at some point.

Apparently the Skitty and Snorlax are Limited Edition, according to the employees at the mall.

I'm willing to take more pictures of individual items, if you're looking for more detail shots. Just ask!
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