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Shipping Update (& Items for offers)

Hello everyone! First, I have an important note to any one who has purchased anything from me: Your items either went or Friday afternoon or this (Monday) morning. I was, unfortunantly, hit with a lot of issues and problems this past month that prevented me from getting the items out, but I am taking the full responsibility. It's nobody's fault but my own, and I apologize IMMENSELY to anyone who has been waiting patiently for their things. Like I said, your packages have all been shipped out, so you should be receiving them soon.

If you have any other problems, or want to contact me about this, feel absolutely free to do so.

On a different note, now that the messes I've been dealing with have cleared up, it seems that I'm, once again, short on space and cash. So, I've decided to put some of my favorite items up for offers under the cut:

Yes, that's my Venusaur Gameboy and my Pikachu line Canvas dolls!

There are also cards for sale under there as well.

All the standard community rules for these guys apply. I'll stop taking offers on Wednesday, November 24th at 6 pm PST, at which point I'll decide which offers to accept C:

First, the Venusaur Gameboy.

The Venusaur Gameboy is fully functional, and works like new. Admittedly, I have used it and have owned it for 3-4 years, but it doesn't show it's age at all. If I accepted an offer, you'd get the Gameboy, the Vensuaur case, and the charger.

There are 2 'damages', one to the case and one to the actual console. The console has 2 small, perfectly circular dent on the front.

They're very difficult to photograph, but here you can kind of see one of them. They're very small, though I could try to get more pictures upon request.

Secondly, the case is damaged on the back.

This is only on the back, and only on the edge of the strip. Again, however, I can try to get more pictures if needed. There are no screen scratches of any kind, though.

I am VERY attached to this, so I'll be looking for higher offers, even with the damages. However, event here I may or may not accept anything. Offer what you think it's worth in its thread.

Next, the canvas dolls!

These guys are in mint condition, 100% official. All three come with all of their tags, but Pichu's hang tag is no longer attached.

I'm looking for offers around $20 each, possibly more for Raichu. There's also a thread where you can offer on all three.

Finally, I have some more cards up for straight sale. They're in varying condition, please ask for their condition:

Electivire Lv.X - $9
Magmortar Lv.X (x2) - $9
Dusknoir Lv.X - $7.50
Regigigas Lv.X - $4.50
Drapion Lv.X - $6.50
Machamp Lv.X - $9
Gliscor Lv.X - $9
Gardevoir Lv.X - $11.50

Infernape Lv.X - $4
Lucario Lv.X - $6.50
Gardevoir ex - $6.50
Delcatty ex - $4
Latios ex - $8
Rayquaza ex - $10
Charmander - $2
Charmeleon - $2.50
Vensuaur - $3

Dragonite - $3.50
Vileplume - $1
Kangaskhan - $1
Vulpix - $4
Drifloon - $1.50
Dragonair - $2.50
Shellos Comiccon STAFF - $14

And that's that! if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me!
Tags: pichu, pikachu, raichu, venusaur
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