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Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Ok, I have not been buying to many new items for my collection. Sadly, with the Beast promotion this year, Suicune ran off with my wallet and has yet to return! Naughty Buttribbons is naughty! I do have a very small collection update though...

Suicune puzzles, in both shiny and regular colors...complements of the wonderful denkimouse!

Now that I have the shiny Suicune puzzle, I have every shiny Suicune item ever made, well...accept one:

Once I obtain this card, my shiny Suicune collection will be complete! No, I am not interested in purchasing this card right now, so please do not tempt offer it to me! Sadly, my finanaces are pretty nonexistent! :\

Next up we have a very lovely B & W bag:

Thanks to the always charming okapifeathers! When B & W first started to appear, I considered collecting Reshiram...this changed after I saw the plush being released. To me Reshiram's plush were a disappointment, especially compared to Zekrom's plush! I still love this bag though and it will be proudly displayed!!

So, that is it as of right other packages have reached me, but I am not expecting much at this time! While I am at it...time for a reminder!!

The auction for my 1/1 Eevee ends TODAY at 4:00 pm EST! Just a few more hours from now!!


Payment plans are welcome!!

Please no sniping...I will extend the auction if sniping takes place, it is only fair!!

You can click the link below to be transported to the auction:

1/1 Eevee will steal your wallet Auction This Way!

If my auction has yet to tempt you, maybe this will! Who has the cutest feet?!

Eevee does...XD

Uh oh, I think I made a certain someone jealous:

If Pickles had feet...Pickles, you are so silly, LOL!! XD

 Giratina Origin reintro post coming soon...;)

Tags: auction, collection, eevee, giratina, reshiram, sales, suicune, zekrom
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