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So I saw this Bibarel UFO pokedoll, and fell iin love, in a older sales post... It was sold though and I have searched but to no avail have found one anywhere else... I was curious as to if anyone had on laying around that they wouldn't mind selling? Idk about prices, the one I saw was $22, which was perfect for me... But we will see. Thank you!

On that note~ ^ 3^ I have never officially introduced myself! D: SO I collect Ampharos and bulbasaur as my top two, then togepi, clefable(lol on accident), and giratina (both forms, gotta love the giraworm)

I will post a very small abont of pics from my collection too! <3
(How do we cut?) *meep*

Uhm... well here are two...

Some of my favorite figures I have

And a small scene I made with some re-ment aswell.
Samll scene


P.S I will be updating my collections soon, they will be on my LJ profile so I do not take up too much room on the community! <3
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