Longcat (nagaineko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Epic sales update is epic!

Sorry for bombarding the front page again, but..... the most amazing package ever arrived yesterday (I had no idea those packages could show up on a Sunday!) and I'm really excited about it!

I do not have a collection update as I'd like to re-organize my room first (and clean the damn thing in general, LOL).  But my shop got an overhaul!   TONS of goodies ranging from miscellaneous things to plush to figures!

A tiny preview:


Everything I'm offering ranges in quality, so please ask about an item first if you are curious.  I tried to make the price reflect the quality. :)  As always, offers are always welcomed!
I must warn anyone who wants to purchase anything within the next couple of days to be quick with payment if they want the item shipped this week as I am going home soon.  Otherwise, items will be shipped some time next week. :)

And while I'm talking about shipping:  Another apology to those of you who are still waiting for me to ship stuff... Something came up today and I don't think I'll be making it to the post office like I said I would. >_<  Working 9-4 on weekdays makes this difficult... I will try to get them out before I head home on Wednesday!
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