fer_gekisou (fer_gekisou) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First Collection Update!

Hello guys! My name is Fernanda and I'm new to this community, also to the whole collecting thing. I've started little by little to know all the stuff about the whole business of collecting haha. I've been a fan of Pokemon for around ten years. My favorite Pokemon change EVERY TIME @_@ I hate myself for that but I guess Gardevoir and Espeon are one of my top :3

So yeah, as you can see: only 4 ;_; But I'm hoping that this will change soon! I'm waiting for a Pichu and an Ampharos to arrive in around 3 weeks! :DDDD Also consider that I'm a junior in highschool in my country Chile so getting money mostly to pay that horrible shipping it's kind of hard :/ but hoping to get a job on summer!

And also...

Hey! What are you guys doing here?
Well, that's a Bidoof hat and Ditto that I made in felt :3 (and also a Bulbasaur pin)

So yeah, that's it! Nothing surprising but I hope the next time I can show a waaaay better collection and to share awesome pokemonswith you :D!

Tags: collection
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