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Fairy Sales!

Well, it took a while, but here's my first ever Sales Post!

It's mainly a big Clefairy/Clefable Lot, but I do have a few misc. Kids and TCG cards for sale too.
Here's a preview!

Sales permission granted by Denkimouse on 06/13/2010!
All prices are in USD!
I use Paypal, but please feel free to ask about other payment options.
I DO accept trades and customs, feel free to ask! (Looking for Clefairy, Clefable, Electabuzz, and Mijumaru mainly, but I do collect a few others)
Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.
I will not sell to you if you are banned from PKMNCollectors.
Here is my Feedback page!

On to the sales!

A bigger version of the Clefairy/Clefable Lot pic. I'd prefer to sell this as a lot, but I may split it up if there is no interest as a lot. Here's better photos/info of what's in the lot.

These guys aren't in the pic above, but are included: Sliver Clefairy and Clefable mini models, Clear yellow Clefairy, Clefable, and Clefairy doll mini models.

TAGLESS Clefairy Hasbro plush, good condition, fuzzy Clefairy figure [not a plush, but its soft and squishy]

Clefairy Cards: Japanese, English, Reverse Holo English; Japanese Erica's Clefairy, Clefairy English and Japanese, another JPN/ENG set of Clefairy cards, an English one, and another JPN one. I do not know what sets these are from other than the Gym Leader/Erica's Clefairy. Any info would be great so I can label these better.

JPN Holo Erica's Clefable, Jungle set Clefable non holo, holo Clefairy and clefable trading cards, Red Clefairy and Clefable Monsters Collection cards, Green Clefable monsters collection card

Two attack Clefairy Kids, two normal Clefairy kids [two different paint jobs], Burger Kind spinny top Clefairy thing, misc clefairy figure, Clefairy Tomy [not pictured, another clefairy and clefable tomy all three a bit loved/scuffed with a few paint rubs], Clefairy Roller, Clefairy pencil

Purple clefairy mini model, red clefairy eraser?, Clear Yellow Clefable, Red Clefable, Clefairy Megablock, Clefairy Monopoly piece, misc. Clefairy figure, Silver Clefairy zipper pull, Three Clefable mini figures. Middle has paint rubs [as shown] and the other two are a bit dirty.

Clefairy Standee [I think the hair is actually wigglytuff's], Dittofairy kid box and card [corner is slightly bent], Two clefairy and clefable play card disc thingys, Clefairy action flip, clefairy doll monopoly card [I think], random cards and coins

Clefairy Dice. Box is slightly worn, but items are in new, unused condition, opened to make sure everything was in it.

That's it! Again, I'd love to sell this as a lot without breaking it up, but if there is no interest as a lot, I'll sell separately. I'll start the lot at 30$, with bids of at least 1$.
Shipping may be a little high due to the amount of items, and it also depends on the area you'd like it shipped to. I'm thinking about 8-10$ for US shipping, idk about other countries. I'll get an estimate if you'd like, just ask!

Bidding on the lot will last until Nov. 29th at 6:00 PM EST

Anyway, here are my other items!

Professor Oak Kid 5$
Seadra and Slowbro are a bit scuffed, 1$ a piece.

Cards! Please make offers on all cards, ask about condition if you're wondering.

holo Jungle set Khangaskan, holo jpn Erica's Dragonair, holo Base set 2 Chansey, reverse holo vigoroth, holo energy card, Holo fossil dragonite, reverse holo Delcatty, reverse holo Aerodactyl ex

holo Fossil Zapdos, Holo Magneton

holo Ponyta, holo camerupt, holo ninetails, reverse holo movie 3? entei, Holo Charizard

holo hitmonchan x2, holo Machoke, reverse holo makuhita

JPN holo Jumpluff, holo Dark Wheezing, Holo base set 2 Nidoqueen, holo jungle Pinsir, holo Venusaur x2 [one is base set 2]

unopened holo ancient mew, holo mewtwo, holo JPN Sabrina's gengar, holo alakazam, reverse holo Kirlia, holo Dark Slowbro, Holo JPN Slowking

Holo Poliwhirl x2, holo blastoise, holo Gyarados, holo JPN azuril, holo kabutops, JPN holo misty's Seadra, holo lapras

some of these are not holos sorry.
Holo Electabuzz EX, holo Jungle Raichu, JPN and ENG holo Raichu, Holo JPN and ENG Surge's Raichu, non holo Jungle Raichu, non holo movie electabuzz, non holo jolteon, non holo surge's jolteon, non holo electabuzz


(kabuto isn't rare, but it has the wizard's of the coast logo on the corner)

Whew! This took a lot longer than I thought~ Anyway, please feel free to make offers, ask questions, etc!
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