Katie the Spaztastic (first_mate_kate) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Katie the Spaztastic

Zukan GB!

Hey guys! Its Katie again. (If you're hoping for those crochet doll commissions, sorry, I'm not opening them just yet. I have a lot of school work to do in the next week or so, but then they'll be raring to go! ^^)

Instead, I'm here with a GB! My first GB, actually. :B

I've been after another slow-line zukan, and found that hardrock had it in a set.... I figured I'd start a GB for the set, since I'm only really interested in the one part. More information under the cut!

(Sales permission from dakajojo on 11/10/2010!)

They're $39.99 for the set, $12 for shipping from hardrock-pokemon to me, and then shipping from me to you. So, I figure they'll be about $12 total for each. (that's dividing the total by 6, and then estimated shipping and bubble mailer charges.)

So! If you're interested in any of these, jump on in! It'll be first-come for claims, so don't be shy! :)

Remember: each one is $12 total, with shipping; just one payment. If you want more than one of these, we can probably take a few dollars off shipping. Just ask! (Note- international shipping will be a bit more; I'm not sure HOW much more, but keep that in mind.)

Giratina: [info]renshao
Rotom group: [info]captainangel
Snover line:
Hippo line:
Cranidos line:
Slow line: first_mate_kate 

I will order as soon as each zukan has been claimed; you won't have to pay until they are all claimed, either. Please be ready to pay at that time, through paypal, please!

If you have any questions, or if you seen that I've done something terribly wrong since this is the first GB I've ever run, feel free to comment or message me. <3 Thanks so much, guys!  :3
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