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Shikijika Collection Start!


My name is Niccole, though I have been around as Rayechu since I discovered the internet in the late 90's. I have had various pokemon goods since the series came out in the US, including some red light blinking keychain charms, which got me picked on my first day of volleyball camp.

Anyway, I love deer and birds and when Shikijika came out I absolutely fell head over heels for the little deer. I lucked into being up early one morning and snagged a Shikijika stamper from Gin, only to realize after paying that I had mixed my old Ohio address and my new California address. When the other Shikijika person got their stamp in the mail I wrote mine off as lost forever. But when I got home from work this evening there was something sitting on the table for me!


Oh, Siegfried please move your butt so I can see... Yes, that looks like a package from Japan!


My stamper made it safe and sound. And it is so TINY. And I know other people get excited about pokemon bags, but I wasn't even expecting one and now I have it and think it is much too cute.


As Shikijika has had very little solo merchandise thus far I resorted to making some sculptures of my little deer. These are my very first attempts at sculpey. I know compared to the mountains of plush and armies of figures my collection is rather small, but I'm really just incredibly happy that my very first deer made it here and wasn't lost forever.

Thank you for taking the time to look and I hope to see you all around!
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