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Birthday loot!

Okay, I haven't posted in forever. I haven't been in a Pokemon mood for a long time, that's why. It's been all about Scott Pilgrim
lately ^ ^;;  So, I thought I'd show you guys the Pokemon-related stuff I got for my birthday. I wish I could show you all of it,
but that would kinda be off topic...

B-day goodies!

I got...

The new game Pokepark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure, and a JAKKS Celebi plush! My birthday was Sundat, but I got Celebi
yesterday as my brother's gift to me. He couldn't get me anything 'cause our truck decided it didn't want to start the morning
of my birthday -_-;;

This Celebi plush is SOOO well made I could NOT believe it. I picked it up from the plush box in the store and was like
"... Oh my Weedle this is SO soft and SO well made!!" The only problem is a little hole in the back of her head,
but you can hardy see it, thanks to the wings ^_^
I'm also happy because my camera decided it wanted to NOT take shizzy pictures this morning! WOOT!

Rammy says bye bye!

This was the most anticipated thing on my list, and the only non-Pokemon thing I'll show you guys.
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