The laziest over achiever you'll ever meet (sapphire_kun) wrote in pkmncollectors,
The laziest over achiever you'll ever meet

Random zukan have arrived!

Hey guys!

This zukan GA is finally here!

There is some bad news.  :(

inu_no_kokoro  - Poochyena is nowhere to be found. Mightyena is here, in great shape, and even has the base. But there is no poochyena. I really am not sure how to handle this D: Please let me know what you'd like to do! I do not have you marked as paid on the spreadsheet either, so if you could just let me know your paypal handle if you have paid, I can look that up.

kyedhen1female - There was only one gulpin after all, so I opted to put it with swalot. I hope you're okay with this. If its an issue we can try to work something out together with grimack  who won gulpin/swalot.

irethsune - we somehow missed you on the first spreadsheet, but magikarp is here and wants to go home to you! Please pay the amount in the final payment column, it includes everything together.

corn_dog_solo   -I am also unsure if we received your initial payment, if it was sent, just let me know your paypal info and I can look it up.

chronidu  -The pegs on the swampert and marshtomp are in pretty bad shape, the one half is broken off in swampert and the other half is white with bending. I'm going to note you about our other trade in a few, but I can throw these guys in with that project to save shipping if thats cool with you? I should be getting to him sometime today or tomorrow anyhow!

Aside from that, also the zukan are in pretty good shape! There are some small paint rubs on a few, but I can't tell if they are actual damage or just original painting errors! Some are missing bases/pegs, but we pretty much already knew that from the original photo! If you are curious about the condition of yours, let me know and I'll get some photos :)

All shipping totals can be found on the spreadsheet! If you pay by 3:30pm EST I will have them shipped TODAY 8D!

Please send payment to include your LJ username, and what you you won! :)

bellyofthewolf s tentacruel became hungry for my treecko in lie, they came out of the the package like this!

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