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Special TWO Day Collection Weeding Sale!

That's right- this sale will only be going on for 2 DAYS. 
Sale begins on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 and will end on Thursday, November 25 at noon PST. NO EXCEPTIONS
I will be leaving these items at home when I go back to school on Saturday, so it's important everything gets done before then!


Sales Policies
I ship from the US and will happily ship anywhere!
I accept Paypal ONLY
I prefer not to hold items unless you can guarantee you will be purchasing them
Payment is due within 24 hours of me giving you your total- after that the item will go back on sale
My feedback can be found here
Items come from a dog-friendly home! I try to keep my collection fur-free, but my cocker spaniel's fur has a mind of its own -_-;
If you have any questions please ask!

Shipping Policies
Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, shipping materials, and any additional "fees"
All items will be shipped on Friday, November 26th
By default I ship using bubble-mailers. If you would prefer another method, please let me know!

I'm taking serious offers on these two cuties! I am hesitant to sell them, so please don't be offended if your offer is turned down!
The one to the left is a very very rare Clefairy Pokedoll, sold in the NYC Pokemon Center around 2001/2002
The one to the right is the also rare Clefairy Plushplush, the predecessor to the Pokedoll
Both are in excellent condition and feature their tush tags
Clefairy Pokedoll: SOLD
Clefairy Plushplush: SOLD

Promo EX Dragon poster (Whiscash kid for size reference)


Pikachu DX Pokedoll: $32
Mint condition with hang and tush tags, velboa
*Whiscash kid for size reference*

Banpresto Piplup Plush: $20
Very good condition w/ tush tag- slight dust stain on face (no visible)
*Whiscash kid for size reference*

Skymin Pokedoll (mint with Japanese tags): $20
Gengar Pokedoll (mint with Japanese tags- tag is slightly bent): $18
Deoxys Pokedoll (mint with US tags): $18
Jirachi Pokedoll (old release, mint with Japanese tags): $18
Riolu Pokedoll (minky, very good condition, tush tag): $8
Weavile Pokedoll (old release, very good condition, tush tag): $8

Darkrai Banpresto (mint with hang tag): $15
Cresselia Banpresto (very good condition, tush tag): $12
Empoleon Banpresto (very good condition, tush tag): $10
Turtwig Banpresto (very good condition, tush tag): $8
Chimchar Banpresto (very good condition, tush tag, flame lights up!): $6
Pachirisu Banpresto (good condition, tush tag): $5

Totodile UFO (2010), mint w/ tags: $8
Chikorita DX: $20
Chikorita UFO (2000): $8
Yawarakai Cyndaquil (2000): $12
Cyndaquil UFO (1999): $12
Banpresto Cyndaquil (2004): $15
Cyndaquil UFO (2010), mint w/tags: $8 

Jakks Giratina (excellent condition, tush tag): $10
Jakks Pachirisu (mint condition w/tags): $8
Jakks Mesprit (mint condition w/tags): $7
Jakks Uxie (mint condition w/tags): $7

Jakks Manaphy (very good condition, tush tag): $4
Jakks Mime Jr (very good condition, tush tag): $3
Jakks Mantyke (good condition, sun fading, tush tag): $2
Jakks Piplup (very good condition, tush tag): $3

Shaymin Tomy: $5
Tangela, Geodude, Pikachu, Staryu, Slugma: $0.50 each
All others: $1 each
SOLD: Chansey, Rhydon x1, Dodrio

Blaziken: $3
Totodile (color warped): $2
All others: $1 each
SOLD: Shinx, Rhydon

Nidoking FCS, Clear Nidoking, Nidoran M FCS, Nidoran F FCS: $1 each
Nidoran M Keshimon: $2
Nidoking in a box!: $2
Nidoran Blox: $1 each
Nidoran F Keychain: $1.50
Colorful Nidos: $0.50 each

Clear Rhyhorn Kid: $2 each (one sold)
All others: $0.50 each

Everything $1 each
(Capsules have a Blastoise figure as seen above and a Pikachu figure of the same set)
SOLD: both Totodile, Blaziken, Mime Jr Keychain, Pikachu capsule

Bootleg figures FREE with purchase
Piplup plush is free, but it may affect your shipping cost!
"SOLD": Meowth, Chikorita, Pikachu, Chansey, Piplup plush (HOLD on Growlithe)

Thanks for looking!
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