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Some Applause and Miscellaneous Pokemon Gets!

Haven't been able to update too much, but I'm gonna break that streak today! >3 After winning this lot last week, these guys finally came in, and they contain a few goodies, and rares, yet also there are a few that need to be identified.



This little group had 16 different plushies inside and one of them is unexpected. So shall we begin? XP

Burger king Plushies. Snorlax is a tad heavy with all those beans inside of him, and pikachu is just so cute!


Burger king butterfree. Hasbro clips Charizard and Clefary. the Mewtwo one was interesting after reading the backstory; Is it true that that guy is really rare? o_O

Applause Pokemon Batle Playset/Playables! ^^

I can't remember whom I said to last time about the Jigglypuff playable being so rare that it's not pictured anywhere... but I'm wrong now XP

Close ups of the jigglypuff and Eevee, since I've noticed that they're not listed in the pokemon plush project. You can use these as a refrence if ya want! ^^

These are the three pikachu that I need help in identifying. I'm guessing they're bootlegs, but they're pretty cute if they are booties x33 Any help would be appreciated.


Till then, thanks for reading ^^

Tags: charizard, eevee, jigglypuff, pikachu
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