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Collection Update...Grail Get!?!

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? Hope all is well. :D 

Last week and the week before I got a few packages in the mail with things in them that I couldn't wait to share with you all! :3 I would have done this update sooner, but school and finals got in the way. Anyway, I got out on thursday so I have time to do my update now!! Yay!! XD So here it is. :D

Preview pic. :3 

Maybe? :o  XD

Skymin: Hey you guys look! I found a box just sittin here, I'm gonna open it! 
Flareon: *Sigh* go ahead. Just....just...nevermind. You won't listen anyway. :/

Aurora: Let us help. :3
Skymin: EH?!? No way!! I got this under control!!
Flareon: See? I told you he wouldn't listen.
Crinkle: I wanna help!! Let me help!! :D
Skymin: NOOO!!!!!!!!!  D:<
Lugia & Oki:.......................

In the end Skymin got what he wanted and opened the box by himself.
Skymin: Cause I'm totally Awesome like that. >:3 Duh
Crinkle: Awww, that's no fun. T^T 

Aurora: Well, let's see what;s inside.
Lugia: I'll help. :3
Together they push the box on its side, all thanks to the power of friendship strength. X3 

Flareon: I wonder what it is, or who it could be?
Skymin: Whoever, whatever better be ready to follow my law!!
Flareon: -_- What law?
Skymin: Don't worry about it, just know that you all are living under and following it. >:D
Crinkle: New friend?
Aurora: Let's hope so, I would hate for us to have a new enemy. 

From out the giant box comes!!???!!!
Houndour: Who dares to disturb my master while he sleeps?!?
Skymin: Who dares?! We dare idiot!! Just who do you think you are?!!??

Everyone: !!!!!!!!!!!
New Guy: What's with all the noise? I'm trying to sleep here.

Houndour: Master, I tried to slient these idiots but...but...I failed.
New Guy: Whatever, it doesn't matter, besides, it seems that we're here now.
Houndour: Here? But where is here?
New Guy: The heck if I know, here is where Aizen-Sama sent us, somewhere in the human world.
Crinkle: ??????

New Guy: Hey! You guys over there. The name's Starrk, Coyote Starrk to be exact. Where are we? And have any of you guys seen Lily? 
Houndour: *worried* Master, I don't sense Ms. Lily anywhere.
Starrk: Really? That's strange. Unless she got lost in that strange brown gargantua we came through. Hmmmm.
Aurora: Um, we have no idea what you guys are talking about, but this place is our master's house. Since you're here I'm assuming you're here to join us and become part of her collection. :3
Crinkle: Yep! Aurora speaks the truth! :D and sorry, but we don't know anyone named Lily. She doesn't live here.  
Starrk:.......I don't have any other master besides Aizen-Sama. and Lily has to be here somewhere. 

Starrk: Lily! Are you here!?
Everyone on the bed: Who's Lily? Do you guys know A lily? Nope? Who's that? Blah blah blah, etc.
Starrk: Grrr.

Starrk: Lily. Are you here? 
Everyone on the shelf: WHO???? 
Starrk: Grrr. 

Starrk: Lily. Are you HERE? 
Starrk: I guess not.

Starrk: That's it, I'm done.
Houndour: But master! What about Ms. Lily!?!
Starrk: I couldn't find her anywhere. She'll show up when she wants to. Besides, without her around I can finally get some rest without all of her yelling.
Oki: Our master sleeps he-
Houndour: Just leave him be. Once he gets like this he won't move. -_-;
Skymin: How useless.

Thank you so much Azerelalexander (Hope I spelled that right) for selling Starrk to me. I lov ehim so much! <3
Now its time to move on to the next package! :D

The 1st time we met young Silver he had just arrived here and he was looking for his mommy too. Its been a while now so it's time for him to have his own adventure! What is he up to today? :D

Silver: !!!!!!!!!!!

Silver tries to open the mysterious box but fails horribly!
Silver: T^T T^T T^T

Lugia: Hey Silver! What's up?
Silver: *Whimper* *Whine* T^T *Whimper*
Lugia: ^-^; Clam down little guy.

Skymin: Argh, what's he cryin about now!?!

Flareon: *tackles* *Sigh* Why must you be so insensitive?
Skymin: @_@ Wa, What happened?
Silver: !!!!!!
Lugia: Silver can't open this box, let's help him out.
Flareon: Sure! :D <3

Flareon: Alright little guy, watch and learn.

Flareon: TA-DA!!! It's open! ^_^
Silver: !!!!! :D :D :D :D <3
Skymin: Big deal, I coulda done that.
Lugia: -_-

Crinkle: HIIIIII!!! :D 
Flareon, Lugia, Silver & Skymin: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flareon: Crinkle!? You weren't the one in that box were you?
Crinkle: NOPE!!! :D
Aurora: Hey guys. What are you doing? :3
Flareon, Lugia, Silver & Skymin: O_O N- nothing.

Aurora: ok, lets get this box open. :3
Silver: !!!!!!!
Lugia: What's this? Look in me?
Crinkle: ?????

Silver tries to lift the top off by himself but can't.
Oki: Here, let me help.

Everyone except Skymin: oooooooooo. Pretty. :D
Skymin: A Lugia!? How come this isn't a picture of me?! It would be totally awesome and 1000 times better if it was a picture of me. >3

Awesome art that came with the package. Pretty. :D *Darn you glare. :c *

Lugia: Hey Silver, if you work hard and do your best then one day you'll be gig and strong, just like the Lugia in this picture! :D

Silver: *Snuggle* <3  :D  *His way of saying thanks. XD*

Oki: What's inside?
Flareon: We gotta get rid og this paper to see.
Skymin: I got it!

Everyone: oooooooo
Silver: !!!!!!!! :D 
Lugia: ...Could it be?

Giant Lugia:.........*Looks around*
Everyone: ????????

Giant Lugia: Hey, uh, Thanks for opening that box, I was getting tired of being in there.
Aurora: No problem! We were happy to help. :D
Silver: 0_0
Lugia: Calm down silver.
Giant Lugia: Looks like a nice place you guys have here. Anyway, my name -

Silver: MOMMY!!!!!!! :D *Glomps*
Giant Lugia: Uh, no. It's Lou actually. (pronounced like Lu  :3) Sorry kid, wrong Lugia. :/  I can't be your mom, I'm a guy.

Silver: Mommy. <3
Lou: Didn't you here me. GUY, I'M A GUY! Not your mommy.

And so, when Lou went to meet all the other Lugias I have, Silver tagged along and called him mommy the whole time. Now the other Lugias call Lou Mama Lulu just for kicks. XD 

Lou: .....-_-; I do not approve....but at least the kids kinda cute.... *sigh* 

A side view of Lou! For those who don't know, he is the 16" AG Lugia Tomy plush!! He is a grail for me as I've been looking for him for years! Everytime I found one the price would be too high, I would get sniped in an auction, or the person would be like, nevermind, I don't have it. XC But now I have him after searching for so long!!! :D <3 

Picture of his tag which is still attached and mint. :D *I take horrible close up pics* ^_^: 
I can't thank the person enough who sold him to me! THANK YOU!!!!!!! :D 

I guess that wraps up this collection up- "WAIT!! Don't forget these guys!!"   Huh?

Me:Oh Luka! What do you have there? 
Luka: The straps from the GB you helped Star with. You almost forgot to put them in your update. :3
Me: Oh, silly me, thanks Luka. :D
Luka: No problem. <3 

Here we have the Clear and Non -Clear Reshiram straps from the Bandai Best Wishes Set.  :3

I love how they gave the clears blue straps. :D 

I tried to take good pictures, honestly I did. T^T 

Well that does it for this collection update. The next one I do will more than likely show ALL of my Lugias that I have obtained so far. :3 Please look foward to it. :D A qucik question for youe guys, how long does it usually take you to put a collection post such as this together? This one took me about 3 hours. 0_0  And so now, I leave you with a pic of some brotherly love. <3 

Awwww and lol at Starrk still sleeping in the background. XD 

Thanks for your time collectors, and please enjoy the rest of your day. :D


Tags: lugia, plush, reshiram, zoroark
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