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Still selling stuff/Cards sent

To anyone who bought/traded with me I sent the mail pretty much the moment I got the money on Paypal (yay for mailbox being right down the hall) so I hope they all reach you safely! I used some notecards from my Japanese adjective flash cards since I ran out of notecards... I'm classy like that. So if you get something saying "warui" on it it's not a subliminal message of hatred, simply a cheap college student.

I still have a lot of cards that I haven't sold, over here

Bah... oh my EV training and how it CONSUMES MY LIFE. Better get back to that... Speaking of which... this is random but can anyone help me think of a good female from a book that I can name my Kangaskan after? She's the only one laking a name right now, the poor dear..
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