Longcat (nagaineko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA ending in a few hours!

I'm sorry for posting so excessively lately, but I had a "scare" earlier today (I use this term loosely, LOL)... specifically about this GA. XD;

So... I think in my last reminder said it was ending on Wednesday... I lied and it's ending a few hours from now!!!  I'm closing bids at 11:30 EST!  Please click here or the image to go go go and bid bid bid!  There still aren't enough bids to make a starting bid on the auction, so some assistance is necessary if this is going to be successful!

On a final note, here's another sales plug in case any of you missed my huge update.  There's still a bunch of stuff left!  I fixed my prices a little bit and added a large Dialga plush!  There's also a large Palkia plush available and you get a discount if you buy both together!! :)
Tags: dialga, palkia
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