Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a tale of two brothers

this is a story of two brothers, bonded together by destiny. for they are the first two zekrom plush toys the pokemon collecting world knew about, and rejoiced thusly.

'twas an early august when we were blessed by brother nanoplasm with an image of the first zekrom plush toy, 'twas written in the good book of banpresto upcoming merchandise cataloge that he would be a super DX banpresto UFO catcher plush released alongside a large pikachu, halleluiah.

it would not be, for september was barely upon his people when the Pokemon Center announced they would make a Zekrom plush to be released two months before his older brother, and there was great sadness the young brother would thwart his beloved sibling. and he wept.

the long months passed between their release dates, which the people truly did find strange for a game mascot as they usually would have some more plush toys by now maybe it would be nice if they did, yet finally the day was upon the younger brother and he was approached by a familiar figure.

and thus did he say, "hey bro sup"

and then they were photographed from this angle.

and this one.

and this one also, and it was good.

and he said to his little brother, "no hard feelings bro. about your earlier release. we coo'. i was never mad anyway, gin just made that crap up since she doesn't wanna go to class and wanted to write something."

and his little brother did say "cool"

and it was good. except for the christmas pikachu pokedoll. he wept. because zekrom is fat. and was on his head.

and they have been joined by brother MC+ and brother soapfigure. praise be to turbines.

Tags: banpresto, zekrom
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