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Re-Intro/Huge collection update post!

Let’s see, where to begin? First off, I'd like to welcome the new members of pkmncollectors and say hello :3! This is my new intro/get to know/make up for lack of collection update posts. I hope you enjoy!

My name is cuddlefist aka Cuddles, San or Alice in Pokemon games. I’ve been around on the community for about a year and a half and it’s one of my favorite places to hang out on the Internet! I’m a senior in high school, and I’ve been collecting Pokemon on and off since 1998. Currently, I’ve been holding steady with my collecting since 2004 picking up items when I have the money to spend. Which is rare since I don't have a job XD...

My #1 favorite Pokemon of all time will always be Ninetales followed by Lucario, Jolteon, Suicune and well, every other Pokemon X3! I eventually want to have a card, figure and game data of every Pokemon along with as many items as I can get of my favorite Pokemon (yes, I want to be a legitimate Pokemon Master X3). I am really into breeding Pokemon in the games and those Pokemon I have a strong bond with because I raise them from eggs to be the best they can be. All of this is done without hacking (unlike the rest of my friends...)

Now about my collection, I mainly collect the Vulpix/Ninetales line, the Eeveelutions, Suicune and Zorua/Zoroark line. I have over thirty other Pokemon I collect as well but not as hardcore as the others. I also collect certain figures such as Zukans and Kids. My goal for Zukans is to get as many of the cheaper ones as I can before moving on to the more expensive ones. As for the Kids figures, I want one of every single Pokemon (I’m about half way there). Finally, the last part of my collection is that I collect plushies. Nothing special I’m looking for, I just love them X3!

My collection started in 1998 when I went to my friend’s birthday party. She had gift bags filled with Pokemon pencils, erasers and pencil toppers. To this day, I still have the two pencil toppers I got back then. Today, my collection totals up to about 1,000 unique items from the Pokemon series from all over the world. Sadly, I cannot show you the full extent of my collection for I have to pack it all up since I’ll be going to college next fall (^_^;). I do have the ability to show you my updates and my main collections since those have yet to be packed.

And so, without further stalling here's:


New Stuff! 

Vulpix and Ninetales

My Vulpix plush family got a new friend. The Applause plush from rentorar . She is the embodiment of Pixyderp :p. There is also a Gold Vulpix minimodel and a Mystery Poke Pack Vulpix from ebay (more explanation later).

My Nines are starting to expand :D! Thanks to roll_chan  I was able to get one of my Ninetales grails, the Clear kids figure! These buggers are incredibly rare to find off of Y!J and they are scarse on the community as well.  I'me really excited to have this added in my collection XDD! Thank you very much! The other add is a "Mystery Poke Pack" Ninetales which is the plastic figure infront of the clear pink figure. Apparently these were distributed around 1998-2000 in the US. They were packages that had 4 random Pokemon inside them from the 1st Generation. Here's what they looked like:

If anyone has any information about these figures let me know! I'd like to buy a pack or two :).



There's been quite a few additions here so I just decided to post the old and new pictures :3

Zorua and Zoroark

Newest Adds: Big TOMY Talking Zorua and the red based Zukan from nanoplasm , Lotto keychain from korth  and my BFF bought me a 6" Zorua UFO plush at AWA :3. He's not pictured because she's gonna give him to me when she comes to visit Friday.
The more stuff I see of these two the more I love them x3! The color scheme is lovely!

Electrike and Manectric 

Electrike kid is the newest add here! I won him from a GA a while back. I'm still looking for the Manectric Clipping figure. That devil is hard to find! 

Houndour and Houndoom 

FINALLY!! I own the sitting Kids figure! It took me forever to find one! I absolutely love it X3! 

Growlithe and Arcanine

My canines got the UFO plushie added to their pack along with the two old Growlithe kids :D. One was from pheonixxfoxx  and the other from happyjolteon .

Teddiursa and Ursaring 

The three newest additions are the Teddiursa Jakks Plush from mamoswine , the Grabby Hands Ursa from eevee_kins . Does anyone have in info on the grabbyursa? It's the first one I've seen. 


I've had wayyyy to many plush additions to post a bunch of pictures so I decided to make a video instead :3!  

I have over 130 plush right now. Not all of them made it to the video though :(...I believe I forgot four DX! 

This ends part 1! I'm going to save the rest for another post. I still have to take pictures of my Suicune, Absol, Mightyena and other collections. In the mean time, I'm still open to link trades for whomever wants to :3!

By the time of my next post I'll have the main collections fully updated with new pictures :3. I hope you guy enjoyed!

Also a question:

Do any of you have any videos of your collections? I was browsing around on youtube and a saw a few that looked familiar :3! 

Tags: arcanine, eevee, electrike, espeon, glaceon, houndoom, houndour, jolteon, leafeon, manectric, ninetales, teddiursa, umbreon, vaporeon, vulpix, zoroark, zorua
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