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In doses, a Collection Update

Good morning, Pkmncollectors!!!
My insomnia has brought me here, and with me I have a small collection update.
It's only of my cards, and is HERE if you'd like to check it out (view in reverse order!). ^___^

I was also wondering what everyone is wanting/getting for Christmas? Kind of as a fun meme. ^^"
I'd like to get PokePark Wii and import Pokemon White as a Christmas present to myself. A little insight on that idea could be nice, too. I've never imported a game before, and wonder if it's worthwhile to do so, I still plan to get Pokemon Black here when it is released.

I also have a small project I'm working on, it's with my IRL friends... Kinda silly. But, I may be searching for kids of random Pokemon in the near future, and out of curiosity, are any of these kids available anywhere on here? Not looking to buy or trade right away, though, I might in the future. :3
Same goes with the cards pictured here. Any without checks are what I'm still searching for.

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope everyone has a nice Turkey Day (where celebrated)!! ^-^
Tags: cards, kids, minun, pikachu, plusle
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