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feral strike。

my enteis have a new (permanent) home!

since I attend college, I had had all of my entei (and other pokemon merch) shipped there, but I came home for thanksgiving (YAAAY TURKEY) yesterday so I brought all of my babies home! save my seattle pokedoll, since i like to cuddle up with him in bed :3c so now, they're no longer cluttering my desk and they have mostly their own table to perch on!

YAAAY papa entei family! the new additions are the new large vinyl TOMY (I'm so happy they fixed his proportions on this one LMAO), the sparkly movie 13 kid (thanks sunyshore! the pokemon center bag was a TOTAL surprise and made my day!!), bottle cap, and entei on a boat! and the holo card that i got for a penny orz. behind them you can see my crate and barrel christmas tree that i keep up all year long B) also my entei card fits perfectly on a little stand from my harry potter and the goblet of fire underwater lego scene stand.. thing also YEAH ~*dynamic lighting*~

close ups (sort of) of the card and my awesome lego stand, the movie charm and the lottery shiny entei charm!

my pokemon collection that sits on my window sill that I've had since I was a wee lass idek i got them when I was like 10. I think they're all tomys?? I know the snorlax, mew, and eevee all came with pokeballs and I would always throw the pokeballs HOPING THEY WOULD POP OUT but never did okok

PLUSHES THAT ARE PROBABLY OLDER THAN ME. when i was younger i used to put a diaper on pikachu idek

the random assortment of figures I've bought here! they chill on my nightstand with all my video games. also yes i am a guild wars player and i am an avid .hack fan i contemplated stealing my boyfriend's balmung gashapon okok


sora and 003 wanted to get in on the fun okok and my toothbrush and the american girl dog coco??


who is this little nugget?! I got him when I was like 6 when I went to the japan part of epcot (O T L) i'm sure he's a bootie and he can't stand up on his own I'M NOT SELLING HIM but i just wanted to know if he was real or not!

thanks for putting up with my overwhelming papa entei love!
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