katcheecricket (katcheecricket) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA Reminder-- Sales Updated-- Shipping Status

 Hey guys! I just wanted to drop by a quick reminder for this GA that shiny_vulpix  and I are hosting :3 It ends on November 30th so there's some time left to get those bids in!! :D

Many of the plush are at low prices! Come check it out 9.9

Walk dis way~

I also updated my Sales / Hack'n'Slashed prices~

Shipping Update:: I have all recent orders from my shop packaged up~ but just haven't had time to get down to the post office due to the snowstorm in my area, my job , and family bleh XD This also includes some of my partial trades/full trades. However they will be going out this weekend--even if I have to snowboard my way over there. D:<

If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM :3  Thanks guys!! 

OH and uh--if anyone has this kid I'd be very interested. I've found a place to purchase it but I'd prefer to buy from the community if possible:: 
Tags: group auction, sales
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