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Zukan for Auction!

Wait, but Deluxe, this isn't a GA OR a GB! What are you doing!

I am gonna be acutioning/selling Zukan from my collection this time! 

There are some REALLY AWESOME and rare Zukan going up, so get yo' bid on gurl. 

(Also all of the Zukan from the Large GA are now shipped out, and the Zukan from the Eeveelution GA are going out monday! Hurrah for finally being caught up!)

(And so many more! Including MIB Aggron family!)

-I accept Paypal Payments only!
-I ship from the US of A
-I will start threads for each of these lovelies~
-These auctions will end one week from now, December 1st at 1:00 pm, Central Time.
-If you have questions about anythang, just let me know! 


Geltainous punching bag Psychic dude are gonna be starting at $20!

The Hyena's! Wow, these guys are surprisingly adorable. They are gonna start at $25!

ABSOL! Oh wow, this guy is tought to let go of. He is gonna be starting at $25!

I am not a big fan of the Dragon, but oh wow. The sculpt of these guys are impressive! They are gonna start at $30.

These bugs are wonderfully wonderful. The buggies are gonna start at $15.

Sceptile family! Luckily I have these Grassy Lizards already, so no need for another! They are gonna start at $20.

Pswwooooop! Burds. I like burds. Especially burds that start at $20.

Bkaaawww. Flightless (but not quite) Cerberburds will be starting at $20!


Ludicolo family~ These wacky sassy pieces of grass will start at $20

Medicham family! They will start at $15~

The STARS OF THE SHOW. These Heavy Metal Rock Hard Dinos are gonna start at $35!

How can I live without these silly sons of guns T_T, despite my desire, they are gonna be startin' at $20

Marshtomp family! Mudskippers are gonna start at $25.

Glalie/Snorunt. These guys are the early release, the one without Froslass, therefore I am gonna start them at $10.

PIDGEOT ZUKAN PIECE!  .....wait what? Yeah. This guy and the one below inexplicably came by themselves in a mixed lot I won. Not sure where to start this BIG OL' BURD at, so gonna start him at $10? 

Gol. Gol is gonna start at $10.

Sinnoh Starters! Turtwig looks like he is hovering. I hope this is alright. Starts at $10.

Spiky Eared Pichu, Piplup, and Pikachu. Not sure where to start this one at...maybe $10! 

The slightly smaller Heatran will start at $15!


The Zorros, Masked avengers. Errr....well anyways, who wants to take him for $15?

The happy baseless and pegless Buggies. Take em for $10!


Johto Starters! Cyndaquil has no peg, but seems to stand up just fine. Take em for $10!


The TRUE STAR of this whole shebang. The lonliest Corsola of them all. No base, no friends, nothing but that smile and those sad eyes that have seen the world, and the smile she puts on. That smile of a generation. The smile that syas 'I am a Corsola, and I am strong. I need not the help of friends nor foes, for I can stand alone. Corsola, Corsola'



*ahem* uhm. $4, please.

So that wraps 'em all up! Please, have fun and give me ALL DAT MONEY try for the Zukan you know you love~

*Psst and also this totally rockin' GA ends in just a bit, come on and get these Kanto Starters gurrrl, Blastoise is barely off the ground! :3*

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