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200 Figure Ga Is In

Yaaay 8D
(Sorry I'm posting when I'm still on the page,I'm not going to be on tomorrow and I'd like to be able to take all the packages to be weighed on friday instead of tuesday)
So this morning I woke up to the doorbell and I thought '83 yay mails here' buut the package was way to small to be it :C (just my kougras <3)

and theen around 3 pm today the doorbell rang again :3 and I thought maybe it was my friend,but nope it was UPS dropping off a big box. 83 so rejoice for our precious are here.Spent around an hour sorting through everything XD but we have a lot of extras.

and as always you can add anything from my shop >.>;

emurii Aipom and weezing are perfectly fine :3

meijiatron Everyones fine except for the tomy ash he has crayon or something on his shoulder and arm

razzamatazz Ponyta has a pen mark on her right back leg and sandslash has marks on his face, the other two are fine c:

sneadres Jessie has marks on her face and hair,wailmer has some kind of dust particle that won't come off,ursaring has two small green marks on his tummy and knee,blissey is dirty in the face,granbull just has a small line of red on his head,taillow has the samething wailmer has and smalls spots of pink,volbeat is fine,noctowl is fine,pichu has a small line of red on his chin.

icandytechnodog Bulbasaur is a talking toy,everytime I try to talk he yells at me xD also touching his head and bulb make him talk,Azelf has marks on her face,everything else is fine.

allyson_x one meowth is fine but the other has a mark on his upper lip,seel is blue I don't know if thats how he's suppose to be xD,Weavile is missing his nose and missing some paint off the orange jewel? on his head,pikachu has marks on him,everyone else is fine.

bolin The electronic cranido has crayon marks on his face and I don't know if he works or needs batteries,shieldon has crayon marks on his head,geodude and the smaller cranido is fine.

methuselah31010 Everyones fine,but just as I thought mew doesn't have a tail and has some marks on the back of her head, also groudon,kyogre,and salamence are tomys c:.

pannsie Ludicolo and lotad are fine c:

myhandisitchy magikarp are fine but james has some paint scraped from his pinky on his left hand.

eternal_rena everyone is fine except buizel has some marks on the side of his face and an indent on his tail.Palkia and Dialga are jakks c:.

little_ledyba Everyones fine except ledyba has red marks on her eye, Also the smaller munchlax seems to be buildable :3 half of his body lifts off the base.

chronidu Everyone is fine c:

starlighteevee Everyone is fine ^^ and Latios is a tomy

nagaineko Brock is fine :3

chaosoftwilight Squirtle is fine but blastoise has marks on him mostly on his shell

usagimakeup Everyone is fine :3

aleyina Everyone is fine except skitty who has marks on her face, Pikachu didn't have a tail that fit so I took one of the small end tails and put it on him and his fits fine, also flareon is not a tomy compared to mine she's smaller and has a hole on the bottom of her.

cheeseyspoot  Pidgey and arbok are fine c:

anodyne_geno  Scizor is fine except for a white mark on his forehead

godudette Everyone but manaphy are tomys,both marills have marks on their tummies.

bellyofthewolf Everyone is fine :3

tissuepaperpet Psyduck has marks on his bill, everyone else is fine c:

gabtizzle Onix has a small paint scrape on his lip, everyone else is fine c:

tl2005us Everyone is fine :3

puyro Clefairy is fine and she is a pencil topper/tomy XD

captainangel Totodile has marks on him and jirachi is a little dirty but everyone else is fine, Grovyle is not a tomy but a hasbro toy and when you move his head leaf his mouth opens and closes, it's a little creepy cause sometimes his jaw goes to the side lD;.

kokicola Clefairy is fine :3

pokezombie Umbreon is fine except for two little paint scrape on her toes

stymphalid Tauros is fine :3

growly Your base is fine ^^

dooman58 Your base is fine :3

airinkitty Latias is fine and a tomy nwn

renshao Pichu has marks and the coins are fine :3

All extras are for sale for ga participant and non participants c:

Jakks: 50 cents for ga participants and 1.00 for non
Gone:grotle,one trash cloak burmy,chatot,golom,bonsley,and two croagunk
All pikachu's are missing a tail non of the extras fit on them

Tomys: 25 cents for GA Participants and 50 cents for non
Gone: Poseable ash,blaziken,hoothoot,venonat,seadra,paris,venemoth,seaking,oddish,zapdos,graveler, alakazam,vileploom,dodrio,bellossom,and Raichu

Squirtle 50 cents
Giratina Figure: Gone

Misc Figures 25 cents
Gone:Both Blastoise,Blaziken, and dark rai

Digimon Available ( From left to right) Mammothmon,Raramon,Peckmon,and Gotsumon 
25 cents
Ben ten toy (on the end right) 25 cents

Damaged Toys free to GA Participants or 25 cents xD
Gone:Chimchar,quagsire,and treeko

methuselah31010 sending the two bases with your stuff they belong to kyogre and groudon :3
Jakks pika tails Does not fit the sitting one that is all I can tell 25 cents
Bodyless lucario ;___; take it away it looks like hes yelling at me for his body

Gah so awesome he needed his own picture <333

My other lovelies

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