greytotoro (greytotoro) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zukan sale

Hi all,

Well, I just got a box of zukans that I won from Y!J back in August! (With an assist from the lovely Poprocks_grey). Anyway, I'd bought some as a gift and they came too late for that, unfortunately, but maybe they will be interesting to comm members now that the gift-requiring holidays are approaching?

Among those I have up for offers are:

Lottery Legendary Bird Zukan Set (Lugia and Ho-oh)
Swimming Milotic Line Zukan
Posing Milotic Line Zukan
Raichu Line Zukan
Crobat Line Zukan

All zukans are in mint condition in their original packaging with their official papers!

Also taking offers on a few other zukans from my collection:
Salamence Line
Swampert Line
Fossils Zukan (MIB)

*Sales permission granted by lineaalba*

Please wait to offer until I can put up offer threads!!

Up for offers through December 4th unless I get an offer I like before then.
(Please note that I will be away at the Oregon Coast on a short vacation with my family until Tuesday the 9th, so may not reply to questions of be able to update until then.)

- I reserve the option of not selling if I feel the offer is too low or have question about the reliability of a buyer. I also reserve the right to an offer before the 4th if I like it enough. :)

- I live in the US but can ship abroad as long as you understand and accept that I cannot bear responsibility for packages arriving at your location. I will save shipping receipts and send a scan/photo of the receipt to verify that I sent the package if you'd like, but if you live outside of the US and are uncomfortable bearing the risk of shipping to your country, please don't make any offers. If you live abroad and make an offer before reading this, I will allow you to retract your offer(s), no worries, and will verify this before having you send any money.

- As always, please only offer if you have the funds to follow through. Retracting offers is very uncool, and not allowed, so please search your soul (and your piggy bank) before you offer.

- Good luck everyone! :)

The ever elusive Swimming Milotic!

The equally alluring Rearing Milotic!

Electric mice!

Awesome bats!

Plump Goldfish

Derpy Wrestlers

Steel bird and Girafwhatchamacallit

SW Birds

Bunch o' Fossils

Blue Dragon (Not sealed in bag)

Mudskippers (Not sealed in bag)
Tags: crobat, golbat, ho-oh, lugia, milotic, pichu, pikachu, raichu, zubat, zukan
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