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A small collection update

I've been quite busy with my bachelor thesis lately, so it's no huge update. But I'm again glad about the things you guys have helped me to get. Thank you. :)

A small American skateboard from Gin's sister. These weren't probably the most hip thing in Finland in the 90s (although I saw a couple of them at school, I think) but this is still awesome. A nice thunder background!

A small Japanese sticker case from a person whose username I already forgot (sorry! ;_;) . It's got stickers of several electric Pokémon, but I only took a photo of Zapdos and Raichu as examples. It's a cute detail that the sticker case looks like a tiny book.

Finally, a nice card pair from killerjaw01: a Japanese Raichu TCG card (DP2 -The Mystery of the Lakes) and an old-school Bayleef card. There was also some really cute tape on the envelope as well as an adorable drawing inside it. How sweet! As some people here might already know, besides Raichu I also like Chikorita and Bayleef. There must still be a small dinosaur fangirl inside me. :D

If I've forgotten to give someone feedback, please let me know! *goes back working on some theory*

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