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Collection update and question

Hi everyone!
i haven't posted recently so now it's time to do a collection update:)))
the things what arrived today:

 these guys arrived from xxxandra . thank you :)

and for the bad news sadly ho-ohs leg broke off during the shipping :(((

see really broke off:(
but crazy glue to the rescue!!
aaaaannd...... tada! fixed! as good as before (or at least i hope so XD)

and for the others, and
question. i got these different colored pokeballs with the auction title " pokemon surprise balls" from a random auction site, and i have no information about their origin. so if anyone can tell me some infos about them i'd really appreciate that :)))

they came with everything you see here. 
awww.....2 heatrans.... but i got a chikorita, who is so cute XD

and some close up from the backside of the stickers (may help in identification):

also it was weird that the pokeballs even had their barcode on them.........wierd...
so maybe they are not bootlegs, but who knows...

for my other minor get, is from lunaeris a clear vaporeon kid. i've been hunting for one, and finally i got one, thank you:)))

let's move onto cards.
i'd like to show you some of my cards. i'm sooo not into cards (i just have them randomly...) XDXD

so i have no idea if these are rare or just common. i never had time to check..... shame on me XD

since my friend doesn't like pokemon i get to keep all her pokemon related stuff!! yay!
she gave me a bunch of old stickers ( i mean raikou in the original form the one in gold and silver, some random pikachus)

maybe i shouldn't have flashed. XDXD

i still know nothing about these either XDXD

but these came with bubblegums (from dunkin boomers at least thats what its written on their back) and were quite recent. XDXD

and let a cyndaquil say goodbye for now!

thanks for reading! :)))
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