Taka-Kat (echizenakira) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Awesome Gets!

So far, from what I bought off this humongously awesome community, my awesome and quite larger than I expected Dialga plush arrived. It was soon joined by my Sunyshore DX Zekrom, and since then the two rule over my room, waiting for their f(r)iend Zoroark to come in. Oho!

Also got the cute magnets, awesome Zekrom Tomy figure, huggable Meguroco and Tsutaaja plushies. The xmas tin is awesomely cute, and I now have my xmas tsutaaja on my lunchbag zipper :3
In another package this amazingly great lot of cards and misc stickers along with the TCG poster. Seeing it from up-close made me realize just how built like a tank salamence is. The amazing thing is how I managed to forget all what I had nabbed. So many Johto staarters and Sinnoh starters and legendaries goodness. My day is instantly better when I look at all these cuties/awesome beasties! The grabby bags of cards were awesome too. I must say an Electrike playing with a   water hose in a garden is cute... but boy could -that- turn out bad. Water and electricity, hm?
I had no memory of that piplup sticker sheet, and it turned out a good thing because I was doubly AAAWWWW'ed when it was out of the package. Piplup is so cute!! Also, meiji chocolate candies and orange/grape gummies are just made of win *.*

Today was made of awesome and epic joy, thanks to you people :3
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