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What's This?!

Well, I got my first package from a fellow collector! I know that the package I sent to sarahpom83 got there fine, though we're doing a trade and she only sent my things out yesterday. I also made a trade with fernchuu, whose package is here, and man I am giddy! I'm incredibly relieved that it arrived here safely and without any problems, and I hope the same in return (haven't heard back from her yet). Looks like I'm off to a good start anyway, and I am sooo happy with what I got. Hopefully this will mean good tidings for any future buying/trading/selling!

Awesome! Mewtwo is my all-time favourite Pokémon, so I was soooo happy to be able to add to my collection! I'm also a big Raikou fan, so when she offered me the card it was just yes, yes and yes. I do believe Raikou's a promo, while Mewtwo is one of those phone charms, but he's too precious to put on a phone where he might get banged up. Both Pokémon look seriously awesome, and very detailed. And awesome. :3

So now these guys have their new home, and I hope they like it - I know I really like them! ^.^

I just found these a few days ago, and I had forgotten to add them to my collection post. It's one of those BK Game Boys (featuring Dugtrio), with a Dewgong catrige and a Dugtrio uh...battery thing? Also, a Feraligatr, whose Game Boy home was probably thrown out, along with a Tomy Exeggcute and Exeggutor. I'll probably put them all up for sale in the end, actually (keep a lookout for my sales post). :P

:O What's this? Three Mewtwo?! But there can only be ONE superclone! What could this mean?!?

Keep your eyes peeled and you may find out. =3

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