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I went to PokeCen OSAKA pre-opening day!!

I want to show you those adorable new PokeCen Osaka photo!
PokemonCenter Osaka open at today Nov. 26.
However  yesterday, I went to pre-opening day!!

Only limited people can go!
My birthday is Nov. 29!
Mom give me this premium-day ticket and she took me to there! XD

And there are many merchandise!!
Especially if you are Darumakka collector, it good news for you!

Come on! Here we go!

Union room!
There are Gacha, Batorio.

I received birthday service there!

Sorry. poor photo quality.
This is new years 2011 merchandise. 
Two Japanese new years decoration.
Japanese bowls. chopstick rest. Strap, Strap with bell.
Post card. Envelope. and Keychain.

Collection update which I got by myself!

Sticker is only this event!
Big card is only this event and three days (Nov.26~28)!

Shop bag!

He is my first Pokabu!   I didn't expect I got him!

Sorry Meowth fan. I only got this two friends. ;_;

New release PokemonCenter clear files. (each 190JPY.)

Darumakka merch as new year 2011!!!
I want more item.
I persuaded myself. I collect Hihidaruma, not darumakka.  ;_;
Strap is 550JPY. Sticker is 200JPY.

Thank you for reading this Osaka post!

The thing of other birthdays next! :)
Today is only hurried post.

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