Shannon (queenofnarnia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Let me just preface this with saying taking offers...

I am taking offers on, not necessarily selling, my Vulpix/Ninetales zukan and my Growlithe/Arcanine zukan sets. I don't know how much I'm willing to part with them for, but I will consider any good offers. This is partially because these are dear to me and it would take a good offer to persuade me, and because I want to know they are going to someone for whom they will be a grail, much like all my Eevee sets are to me.

In other news, I completed all my latch hook commission and plan to ship them out tomorrow. I finished these much more quickly than I anticipated and will open commissions again in December and have them done in time for the holidays. ^^
Tags: arcanine, growlithe, ninetales, vulpix, zukan
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