nanoplasm (nanoplasm) wrote in pkmncollectors,

canvas offers & more pictures of the Nov Banpresto prizes

I've had some of these around forever, just never got around to posting them. XD

Everything is brand new w/ tag.  Please check out the sale post for paypal info and shipping rules. =)

Each cavnas is $17 shipped to US address (+$1 for CAN, +$2 to EU/OZ), and there might be more than one of each available. ^_^

Pixie set is $45 shipped to US, (+$2 to CAN, +$4 to EU/OZ).  There are two sets the last time I checked.

Shinx, Happiny and Drifloon are listed in the sales post.  They are price as marked in the link.

I should have everyone's total by this weekend for the Nov pre-order.  Here are the rest of the pix of Banpresto Nov prize plushies (previous pictures can be found here.)


Hope you enjoyed these pictures! ^_^

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