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Introduction, small collection, and wants!!!

Hello! My name is Ash (harhar, but seriously it is), and I just turned 20 on the 22nd!!! You might have seen me around in the past week or so, but I wanted to wait before posting. Eventually, I figured I should just introduce myself and I can always update :)
I've decided to get back into pokemon collecting for the first time since I was 12 haha. I've decided to stay focused on plush this time around, specifically Pokedolls but also Banpresto and TakaraTOMY. I love electric, fire, and water pokemanz <3 I'm particularly in love with Raikou :)
But enough boring stuff, let's get to the pics under the cut :3

This is my collection so far(FINALLY)! It's kinda small at the moment, but I still haven't dug out some old plush :x
Also, I'm awaiting a Treecko and Lapras PokeDoll still so I'll be posting updates soonish.

First, some pics of my Chu's. Not a whole lot here :x Haha

I have a talking Pikachu "I Choose You" Plush (his ears move, his cheeks light up, and he talks! Super cute), a SUPER old Tomy Pikachu (like, really old. I got him when Pokemon came out. I had to be like 7), and a Banpresto Gizamimi Pichu! :) He's really soft <3~


Now, my Pokedolls!

I have the Legendary Beasts (who I just got in NYC) and a Pikachu! He doesn't have a hang tag, but I still love him xP


And last, but not lovely Banpresto Raikou! I love him so much <3


Also, I'm looking for the rest of the Legendary Beast Banpresto's as well as the following pokedolls: Bidoof, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Swampert, Buizel, Spheal, Salamence, Pachirisu, Altered Forme Giratina, Hounour, or Phanpy. 
If anyone has any of those that they're willing to  part with, let me know please! Maybe we can work something out~
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