Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

new thingies!

get ready to leap for joy, collectors of deer and big final starters!

1) There is a limit on packages going into the USA right now. If your package is over a pound, it will have to be split into two. If your package has to be split, there will be a 5$ charge. Only 5$ and no more! I will start packing from the bigger orders first so you will know this weekend if your package had to be split or not. If you don't get a notice about it, your package was just fine!

2) Order freely and don't worry about the weight or the amount! I will happily do the extra work if you can meet me halfway to cover the extra charges. Let's suffer together (??) although it's really not that bad! I know there has been a lot of panic and worry, but until the limit is lifted let's just work together on it :)

However that does mean requests to combine orders will probably not happen, but if I find I can do it under the limit, I will, and I will let you know and send the shipping refund :)

So here is the new stuff the Center dropped unexpectedly! The tin is only unexpected since I didn't know we'd get Osaka stuff (that's about all Tokyo got for now, unfortunately :().

the big ol' starter evos are also back in stock! i will try to keep restocking them each week, but there is a limit to how many i can physuically carry home without dying.

along with the other third wave plush, pokedolls, and all the other pokemon center plush released thus far, we've got it all! :D

here are some pics of the new plush! i didn't quite have the stamina to do a photo of them all at once, but here's some pictures of them "IRL" :)

with mijumaru for size reference! daikenki is the grumpiest plush alive...


choroneko tells how its done, son. of course i forgot darumakka in this photo ._.

thanks for looking!
Tags: gen5, sales
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