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Gets! and some questions/price checks

I'll ask my questions first.

Now mind you, I am not looking to buy at the moment, I just want an idea on prices :3

I was wondering how much would the Feraligatr UFO Plush, Suicune TFG, Luxio Kid (normal one) and the Buizel Kid (the one laying on it's stomach) most likely be?

Now onto my gets~

I have lots more to update of my collection, but I'm still waiting on a few things, but I am so excited to get these two that I thought I'd show these off at least for now > w<

The Collection Update will most likely be in a week or more.

Gets under the Cut~~

Eli (Buizel): See I told you something came in the mail today!
Anubis (Lucario): Hmph.. For once you were right
Cleo (Shinx): Whoa! I wonder what it is :D

Cut that Tree :U

Cleo: Well what ever it is it's squishy o 3o
Anubis: Help me turn it over Eli
Eli: Ok, and you should probably be the one to open it, your better at this then me.
Anubis: Right. Just help me by holding it

Anubis: Ok 1..2....3 ~Rips~
Cleo: Oooooh! I see Green!

Cleo: Omg I'm so excited!
Eli: Hmm? I hear him saying something but I can't make it out
???: Mrgph
Anubis: Calm down you two, let him wake up and stretched out

Cleo: EEP! Eli what is it ; A;
Eli: ...I'm..not sure -shivers in slight fear-
Anubis: Oh calm down you two. It's only a Rayquaza. He wasn't trying to scare you, only to get you off him. You were smothering him

Anubis: Welcome! The Names Anubis, the Shinx is Cleo and the Buizel is Eli. So what's your name?
Xavier: The Name's Xavier. It's a pleasure to meet you all. And I am sorry for scaring you little ones. .
Cleo: Oh it's ok. I scare easily ^^;
Eli: Pfft I wasn't scared
Anubis: <_<

Xavier: Oh by the way, I didn't come alone. Someone else was in the mail with me. No clue who it is though. I don't think it could hear me through our packages.
Cleo: Oh boy!
Anubis: This family sure is getting bigger lately
Eli: Quick let's let them out!

Anubis: I'll let you guys take care of this one
Xavier: Fine by me -bites and rips-
Eli: Helloooo in there~
Cleo: -gasps- It couldn't be could it?!
???: RAR! -zap zap-
Everyone: O .O -their hairs stand on end-

Cleo: YAAH! I GET A BIG BROTHER 8D You can call me Cleo or sis~
Azlan: Haha why hello~ The names Azlan.
Eli: Oh no, not another one
Xavier: hey there travel partner, I'm Xavier
Anubis: Welcome to the family, my name is Anubis, and the rude one is Eli.

Azlan: Well it's lovely to meet you all. I hope to have lots of fun here :]
Cleo: Oh I'm sure you will. I've only been here for a little while myself and I love it~<3
Eli: as long as you don't zap me we're cool
Anubis: Things are pretty lax around here but there are a few things to know which you'll learn over time.
Xavier: We can learn things together ^^

Now for an extra pic with my kitty who got curious during all of this.

Xavier: RAAAAWWWWR! Be afraid, be very afraid Kitty!

Tags: buizel, lucario, luxio, plush, rayquaza, shinx, suicune

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