. (roko_epsilon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

want + question


My mom has said she's willing to buy the new Jalorda plush for me for a christmas present but it'll probably be the only thing I get lol.

Who here is selling them yet or will be soon? I know Gin is but idk about other people, and mom would much rather I find the cheapest price because she thinks I am plumb loco.

And my question! The ebay seller shaymin_giratina-j-plush-pokemon. Are they reliable? They have good feedback, but I am very wary about buying lush on ebay and also I don't really trust feedback on that site much.

EDIT: Thanks guys but I ALREADY KNOW GIN IS RELIABLE. I am not asking for between that ebay seller or Gin only! I am asking if anyone ELSE on HERE is selling the jalorda now or soon!
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