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Quick view at Nintendo World

 As a final stop of the Thanksgiving trip, NW of course would be the first choice. I haven't been to the old PC before since I was studying in China, my homeland, at that time. There was some drizzle on Black Friday, but I just felt refreshed due to the rain ( someone might not imagine how thrilling to go to a Pokemon store for the first time, but I did) Although the plushies inside had not been updated for awhile, the T-shirt, Jigglypuff pokedolls, as well as some stuffs from other games, eg. Zelda, Super Mario, and Kirby, were absolutely like Christmas gifts to me as a child. :3 Check these out.

Jigglypuff pokedolls were the best-sales. There were only three left when I came into the store, n I just grabbed two of them. Sadly will I give them to my young sisters as Christmas gifts, but I'm pretty sure they will take care of them more than I do. I think the employees inside the store must have added more after I left the store. :P

And there were tons and tons of Arceus, Entei, Suicune, Raikou and Pichu pokedolls, ea. for $9.99.

Pokemon Collection figures from Pokemon Company International. Actually I think they were from the same molds as the Tomy MC figures were. A couple of them were amazing like Garchamp, Darkrai, Giratina, Chingling, and Lanturn. Besides, the rule here was Buy 4 Get One FREE. ea. for $4.99

Cute Jirachi figures.

Welcome sweet home, Altaria and Lugia! ^o^

Jigglypuff twins~
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